Smart Phone Repair

We handle overall repairs for mobility devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and other turnkey products. Most of the brands outsource their warranty to our network across the country.

If your mobile phone is not working, you might find the solution in our website. However, if you think your phone has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems.

Advantages that we give to the customer:

  1. We provide to the customer a lower warranty management cost through scale effects.
  2. We help in providing a better customer experience through a proper Quality Assurance and a stable process.
  3. We pride ourselves with improved repair quality and hence therefore reduce bounce rate.
  4. Stable and improved turnaround times
  5. Trusted and certified service partner network across India.
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Dropped in Water

Speaker not Working

Mic not working

Touch Not Working

Battery Replacement

Charing Point

Dead Phone

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